Experience the TransformativE Power of NeuroScienCe 

To harness the power of Your mind and unlock your limitless potential




An experienced multidisciplinary practitioner empowering people across the Globe to thrive in life - no matter what trauma they’ve experienced or what neurological differences they have.


Neuro Change Expert and Course Facilitator


  • Searching for something to enhance your client experience, help you exceed client expectations, something that complements your existing business model?

  • Looking for a tool that can be offered 1-1, in groups or to Corporates, to leverage your time and increase your earning potential?

  • Researching the latest developments in Therapy to help clients achieve long lasting change, and wondering if Neuroplasticity has the answers?

Then maybe it’s time for you to experience the power of Neuro Change for yourself …


Finding a new level of consciousness that allowed you to operate from state of Flow. Finding a tool that could easily be incorporated into your practice, enhance your client experience and create instant change.

Helping clients reframe their world and rewire their brains using the latest Brain and Mind processes that work on even the most complex cases.

Leveraging your time, elevating your income and expanding your capacity to help more people.

An introduction to the NeuroScience based program that allows you to Harness the Power of your Mind to Transform your life



A program for therapists and practitioners to experience the

clients transformative effects of working from a flow state to

unlock your potential. 


  • You'll experience first hand the latest evidence based Neuroscience program and the capacity it has to transform lives.

  • You'll understand how Neuroplasticity can rewire the brain, and help people no matter how complex their challenges.

  • See how easily the methodology could be added into your existing practice, and give you the opportunity to leverage your time.

  • You'll know that having a skillset in NeuroScience will benefit you, your clients and your business and that you’ll have multi-modal processes based on sound and reliable research.



8 live teaching sessions (Face to face in Auckland or on Zoom).

Access to an online learning system to support your learning.

8 live teaching sessions (Face to face in Auckland or on Zoom).

Access to an online learning system to support your learning.

Handbooks, workbooks, and self-assessments to help assimilate and absorb information.

Access to an online learning system to support your learning.

Handbooks, workbooks, and self-assessments to help assimilate and absorb information.

Membership to the Neuro Change Foundations Community.


Module 1

Purpose & Flow 

  • Find your true purpose in life and deepen your resolve.

  • We look at the theory and practice of purpose.

  • Self-assessment of finding your purpose.

Module 2


  • When the will and beliefs are opposed the beliefs will always win.

  • Investigate your beliefs.

  • Do you have useful beliefs or beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Aligning your beliefs with your purpose.

  • Cognitive dissonance and emotional discomfort.

Module 3


  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset.

  • How your mindset can be changed.

Module 4

Emotional Intelligence 

  • Emotional awareness and our relationships with others.

  • Emotional regulation and positive emotions. 

Module 5

Subconscious Mind

  • Find your true purpose in life and deepen your resolve.

  • We look at the theory and practice of purpose.

  • Self-assessment of finding your purpose.

Module 6


  • Neurobiology of neuroplasticity.

  • Brain health and neuroplasticity.

  • A formula to rewire your brain.

Engender your own transformation so you know how your client feels

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The Neuro Change Foundations program is based on the latest brain and mind science that has been created by some of the leading PhD Academics in the World. It has also been recognised by the scientific community for brain science and neuroplasticity.

Get in now at the ground level and become a world leader in neuroscience.





  • 1 weekend of learning
    (Live from Auckland and via Zoom)

  • Saturday and Sunday (10.00am - 4.00pm NZT) 



  •  5 weeks of learning

    (via Zoom)

  • Tuesdays

    (7.00pm - 9.00pm NZT)

Completing this course will enable you to experience the power of harnessing your mind to create effective and long lasting change for your yourself and loved ones.

These incredible 'brain hacks' put the power in your hands.

Through awareness comes change, and with change comes freedom!

The methodology can easily be applied to help people make a permanent and powerful ally in pursuing goals and creating an ideal life, allowing you the promise of achievement you’d

never thought possible.


What if I can’t attend one of the face to face sessions?

Ideally you’d be present for every session, as we go through activities and hold discussions to help you assimilate the new information. However you can learn at your own pace and all lessons will be released at the start of the program.

We will also be recording the weekly sessions, and can provide a recording to you when they become available.

How long do I have access to the online learning portal and course material?

You’ll have access to the course content for 3 months after the conclusion of the course.

Can I skip ahead and learn at my own pace?

All the training modules will be released at the start of the course, so you can learn at your own pace. We do recommend you attend all the live sessions and work on the activities and content to contextually experience the change and to help you engender the transformation.

Will there be homework between lessons?

No, but you can do 'homeplay'. For those interested, there may be some suggested reading that you can do. This can enhance your learning about this interesting and exciting subject.

Is there a pathway for me to learn more after I complete this course?

Yes. After you complete this Foundation program you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you would like to continue your education, there is an option to become certified or accredited as a Neuro Change Practitioner.

Becoming a Neuro Change Practitioner means you could be at the forefront of the newly developing and rapidly growing mind science industry.

Can I earn good money as a Neuro Change Practitioner?

Yes, as a Neuro Change Practitioner you can earn 6 figures or more, simply by following the very simple proven steps.

You will be provided with all the necessary training, skills and information. You will be supported by having your own program and access to a Learning Management System, plus be provided with a stand and deliver elevator pitch, plus receive amazing support with your advertising, marketing and social media.

I’m excited to share this transformational ntroductory program with you

Every single person that enrols will develop a deeper and amazing understanding of self that really does change the way you live your life.

You'll also receive the benefit of greater clarity, greater enjoyment and greater attainment of your goals.

Register Now - Course Starting Soon

Can't wait to see you there!



Neuro Change Expert and Course Facilitator


“As a result of The Neuro Change Method, I have changed. I have been on a lifelong journey of self-reflection and research and education toward removing barriers and personal growth.

I have experienced something almost surreal with this new learning. In its succinct, intelligent, and logical approach, The Neuro Change Method has helped me to better regulate my internal emotions, be much more mindful of my actions, and finally, remove my subconscious fears.

I am fascinated with the concept of neuroplasticity and I feel motivated in a new way."

- Sandra L

”As a coach, there is nothing more fulfilling… and I want to THANK the faculty, trainers, and everyone who has put together this amazing framework #neurochangemethod.

I feel so much more empowered

as a coach.


- Anisha G

“The support and efforts done for us are remarkable and highly appreciated.

The investment alone for myself, understanding how my brain works is a plus and to now have further insight on how to further improve my skills and help my clients more is awesome.

There is still more focused study needed and deliberate practice in store for me.

Thank you legends! I can’t wait to enjoy

where this wonderful journey is heading.”

- Mourad G

“This is brilliant! I’ve been through the resource library online and everything works perfectly ... easy ... organized and just brilliant!

Thank you so much for your hard work, this is so amazing! Everything at our fingertips! You have to think of everything and you do it so well. Everything is connected to another layer of information. Thank you so much for keeping it all in order for us!

Wow Wow Wow!“

- Kathy W

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